Aidan Brand

Tenor, Treasurer

As the son of a vicar, it’s not surprising that Aidan was singing in the church choir from an early age, initially in Guyana where he grew up and then in London. He says he’d always wanted to sing barbershop, and his wish finally came true in 1983 when he helped found Capital Chorus. He left the club to join Thames Valley Chorus (TVC) in 1988 after moving away from London, and subsequently became tenor section leader at TVC and part of their music team. Aidan has also been active in quartets: in the 1990s he was part of Bagatelle, and more recently competed with Figaro, reaching convention finals on three occasions. He re-joined Capital Chorus in 2006 and was made Musical Director in 2008. Since re-joining, the club has won the Small Chorus Award and the Most Improved Chorus Award and Aidan is hoping this is a sign of better things to come at Capital as it continues to work hard at raising its game. He stood down as MD in 2012, and was interim MD for 3 months in late 2014.