This group is for hire

Apocappella was formed in February 2014 when Dave, Kuz, Julian and John decided to annihilate new and challenging repertoire as yet undisturbed by the chorus. Greg has since replaced Julian. Songs murdered to date include amongst others Shenandoah, an unsuspecting traditional American folk song, Billy Joel’s innocent lullabye, Goodnight My Angel, and the catastrophically catchy You Don’t You Won’t. All four singers admire the “wall of sound” effect achieved by top quartets, and are working hard on demolishing their own. Unfortunately few places are safe from their devastating “harmony” as Apocappella love to sing anywhere, anytime. From concerts and competitions to public toilets, the underpass by Big Ben, and the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, fear a 4-part a cappella Armageddon near you.