Erol-Antony McKenzie


Erol says that no-one will be surprised to hear that he comes from the Black Country: Walsall in the West Midlands to be precise. Although he sang in the school choir, he only discovered barbershop thanks to a pal at work who already sang with Capital Chorus and who invited him to hear a sing-out. According to Erol, the chorus were so good that they made him cry – and he’s been bringing tears to our eyes ever since. At his first sing-out - at a party given by the American Ambassador – everyone turned up in full uniform, including white shirts, except Erol, who wore the same but with a bright yellow shirt. Formerly in RAF Air Traffic Control, Erol is now a security trainer, covering firearms, explosives, the use of X-rays and all other security matters: he reckons that most suspects confess almost immediately when threatened with his version of MaryLou. Away from work and singing, Erol says he is a real family man: proud of his lovely 14-year old daughter.