Capital Chorus celebrates best ever Contest score


Capital Chorus is delighted to have achieved its highest ever score in the annual competition for UK choruses held by the British Association of Barbershop Singers.  Our two contest numbers Jeepers/Eyes medley and That's All were together awarded a score of 64.6 percent. Our scores for all three judging categories, singing, music and performance, were well above the competition average. 35 choruses took part and our improved marks moved us up three places from 18th to 15th in the national rankings.

The result was a great reward for all concerned. Our musical director Pippa Goodall has been with us now for just over a year, and under her leadership the chorus has grown in numbers, and in confidence as singers. Pippa took us on our first ever weekend coaching retreat to prepare for convention with the help of expert Barbershop conductor and contest judge John Palmer. She also commissioned a special arrangement of the ballad, That's All, from pianist, arranger and conductor Ben Ferguson. It was the first time we'd ever done this and it helped foster a spirit of camaraderie and a will to give our best performance. 

There was more good news on the final day of Convention when a brand new contest for mixed-gender choruses was won by a group called Strictly Barbershop. Among their line-up on stage were three of our own singers, Cliff Abelman, Aidan Brand and Khusro Ali-Khan.    

Overall we had an incredible weekend with friends old and new. There were many inspiring performances from quartets and choruses from across Britain, Ireland and the USA. There was singing and socialising around the clock and, yes, the odd beer or two to oil the wheels. Barbershop is a tremendous hobby, and for our chorus the BABS Convention is the annual highlight. Our best wishes go to all concerned - we certainly had a blast.  

To watch our two contest songs click here  and here