A song for uncertain times


You see it every day on the news - uncertain future, political turmoil, and the members of Capital Chorus are feeling it as much as everyone else. Like most groups of friends we had some lively discussions during the EU referendum, but we're fortunate to share a love of music and harmony, and it's helped us to keep in mind that, as the late MP Jo Cox said, there really is far more to unite us than divide us. 

It was while practising for a recent gig in Waterloo that some of our chorus members realised that the words of one song in our repertoire, called Nevertheless, seemed especially poignant in the current climate. Westminster was but a short walk from the performance venue so we decided to record the song opposite the Houses of Parliament and dedicate it to the 73 London MPs who, with their colleagues from all parties, are trying to map out a route to a better future for us all. After all, it's a tough job, and perhaps they could do with our support.  You can watch the video here 

We're delighted that several MPs responded with thanks after viewing the song. Some said it brought a smile to their faces and one even asked to be added to our mailing list for concerts. Needless to say, we'll be very happy to oblige.