Ray Garnett


Ray has appeared on stage and in concerts since an early age. He was also a university lecturer for many years, and as a result reckons he’s used to keeping people on their toes to stop them sleeping through his performances. He joined Capital Chorus in 1993 after a background in classical choral singing, initially auditioning as a bass, but then moving up in the world and becoming a baritone. Ray was the club’s Chorus Director during 2003-2008, leading Capital to the award of best small chorus in the 2007 UK Barbershop Championships. Away from singing, Ray’s many interests include magic, wood turning and animal welfare, and he remains active in his local Methodist church, using his IT background to look after the Church website and to publish the weekly newsletter. He’s also led folk camps and has been a barn dance caller for many years. Ray also claims to be noted for his witty monologues: we say claims because no-one else in the chorus can actually tell what he’s saying due to his strong Lancashire accent.