Simon Laight


Simon’s first musical memory was the arrival of a piano in the Laight household when he was four years old.  He had piano lessons as a kid but only did the theory exams (the practical ones would have meant learning boring classical pieces rather than the ragtime and popular songs he wanted to play).  

In the mid 90’s, a radio programme featured barbershop singing and gave out a contact phone number which Simon scribbled down on a cereal packet.  He held on to the piece of cardboard with the phone number for a couple of years, then figured he’d better phone the number or throw the piece of cardboard away.  The phone call resulted in him joining Capital Chorus as a bass, but he has also sung with Solent City Chorus, Thames Valley Chorus and as tenor in the quartet Catch 22.  

Simon was born in Barnet, grew up in Cornwall and has lived and worked in various places in the UK, plus a spell in the Falkland Islands.  As a CAMRA member, Simon drinks real ale for preference, but actually he’ll quaff anything you care to buy him.