Tom Fitch


Tom reckons he started acting only slightly after he started walking, initially at Sunday School, where his critically acclaimed role of King Herod is still talked about in Manchester’s artistic circles. At University, Tom spent his time acting, organising student entertainment and chasing women (his words not ours), while studying chemistry in his spare time. But the singing bug had already started to bite in the sixth form, when he joined the school barbershop chorus, and after moving to Ealing in 2009 he found Capital Chorus on his doorstep. Having looked around for a fulfilling and rewarding career, Tom decided against it and instead joined the Civil Service as a trainee accountant. All that excitement – but at least he’s got an index-linked pension to look forward to. You may scoff, but Tom points out that the UK had moved out of recession within three months of him starting to walk the corridors of power: hardly a coincidence.